What works?  

  • Balancing your hormones like cortisol, thyroid and estrogen - while also optimizing your food intake, plus training at the right intensity and frequency.  Those are the core basics which govern your metabolism and fitness.  You can "work your butt off" and still see no results if your present hormonal state, caloric balance, blood sugar level and activity threshold is not conducive to burn fat and/or build LBM.
  • Muscle doesn't burn as many extra calories as people think, especially for women.
  • Keep your hypo-caloric state mild enough that your body doesn't notice it much.  That way, it won't fight your efforts in leaning out because the caloric deficit will not be systematically interpreted as starvation.
  • Working a 6-8 hour shift (or the equivalent activity moving constantly on your feet for 2-4 days a week), will give you way more fat-burning results than any cardio can.  As long as you are mildly hypo-caloric most of the time.   Mildly hypo-caloric is when you stomach is empty but you have lots of energy and your mind is clear thinking and well focused.

Created by SlimMcD⭐️Photo credit: BAM Studios