✅July 2018-

Our self esteem directs our behaviour, not our intelligence.   

Our emotions are polarized along the following spectrums:

The higher your self esteem, the smaller your ego, and more expansive your perspective.

The greater your sense of empathy, the lesser your sense of envy.

Increased restraint and control, results as a greater the drive.


✅June 2018-

"Accepting responsibility is accepting reality"

When we behave irresponsibly, our need to maintain a false image of ourself grows....

There is a difference between wanting to do something and feeling like doing something.

"Wanting" is intellectual and is an essence of self control.

"Feeling" is an essence of impulse

"Self control is true freedom".  Developing self control raises your self esteem.

Your self esteem is not fixed and is increasing/decreasing every day, depending on your mindset and your actions.   It’s important to mindfully increase it every day, as it is always taking hits from your environment.

Deflecting reality and confessing an unease of yourself is when you think being right as more important than doing right.

Deflecting is the root of emotional unease.

"Accept the truths and imperfections of yourself to feel you are enough and adequate".

Self esteem, not intellect,  determines your choices everyday.

"If you seek to avoid pain, you seek to avoid life".

"Experience is what you get, when you don’t get what you want".

The best thing to do for your relationships is increase your connection to you.

Fear is what causes people to behave badly.

Created by SlimMcD⭐️Photo credit: BAM Studios